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Hungarian-Irish Friends' Association

The Hungarian-Irish Friends Association (HIFA) was founded on St. Patrick's Day, in 1994, Budapest, Hungary. For that day we have organised a Music Festival where 5 bands played traditional Irish music, and many more events attracted the audience of 600 people. During the rest of the year three more festivals were organized with Hungarian and Irish bands, altogether with thousands of people participating.

For our HIFA not only the Irish music is important, although the love of this music was and is a crucial factor in our life. Before the concerts everyone loves the lectures about different aspects of the Irish culture. The theater performances and the Irish movies are also very popular.

To see the beloved country with our own eyes a 18 days long tour was organised to Ireland which gave unforgottable memories for those who participated.

Soon after the March foundation of HIFA in Budapest, local Associations were formed in two other towns, Veszprém and Pécs. In October a third town, Györ, joined us. Early next year in Debrecen a new HIFA branch was formed.

The first Honorary Member of our HIFA is the President of Hungary, Árpád Göncz. He has made excellent translations of many of Irish literature, poems and plays.

At present we have about 300 registered members. We meet in every second Saturday in Jókai Klub, Budapest, 1121 Hollós út 5. (Tel.: 36 1 3563 284, Fax: 36 1 3754 203). In these Saturdays there are concerts, lectures, and - very important - draught GUINNESS, bottled Kilkenny and Harp, Baileys etc. in the pub. This club accomodates our Budapest office and programs and our library and music collections.



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